Saturday, June 6, 2009

Growing Green 2009

  • apple trees look great
  • cherries are turning red (they have now been harvested!)
  • peaches are a loss (as is the tree, probably)
  • spotted 4 plums! (make that 1)
  • baby grapes in site
  • corn 1 inch
  • potato plants coming up
  • green beans doing well
  • cuke plants looking good
  • not so sure about carrots (a few carrots)
  • strawberries will take another year (nope there is a small crop)
  • tomatoe plants are alive
  • herbs doing well (if we would stop weeding the wrong greens)

Everything else needs to be replanted. Bummer.

Edit: I found the snap peas amongst the weeds and got rid of the weeds. I also found what looks to be lots and lots of raspberry plants! Time will tell with that one.